Manage and Enhance
the Power from the Sun.

Manage and Enhance the Power from the Sun.

We provide high-quality, internationally recognised Solar Solutions. Above all, taking care of the complete process from survey to maintenance, legislation, and connection for clients’ ease of mind.

CO2 Emissions

Reduce CO2 emissions and impact on climate change.


Control energy costs over project duration while getting good ROI


Empower a community that impacts environmental culture


Protect the health of many for the good of future generations

This image shows solar panels


Solar C2.

Solar C2 is a leading ECPM System Solutions Provider that is determined to improve and protect the environmental conditions of today. We believe that by becoming more environmental-friendly, from reduced to zero carbon footprint goals, the world will become more sustainable for all.

Backed by a team of Renewable Energy Professionals, we are committed to becoming a leading provider of On-and-Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions in Southeast Asia for residential, industrial, and commercial customers.

Everybody should be able to benefit from clean energy – To ensure efficiency and return on investment, our engineers will deliver quality, safest and optimal system tier-one supply.


Safe Solar Panel Cleaning.

As part of the design cycle, we provide Maintenance and Robotic Cleaning of the Solar Panels.
Most importantly, our highly-skilled and qualified technicians run our autonomous, intelligent robots for safe and efficient cleaning. From the tops of high-rise buildings to floating solar panels in the sea — all areas can be reached with ease.

Here's how a Solar Energy System work.

Solar Power, as one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy, provides the following benefits.

Benefits of Solar Power Solutions

The image shows a solar panel installation on a residential rooftop
  1. Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity.
  3. The electricity panel sends power to your lights and appliances.
  4. The utility meter measures the energy drawn and feeds back to the grid.


As Your Solar Solutions Partner.

Solar C2 can be the Client’s Preferred Solar Development Partner

CapEx Financing

Through our financing partners, Solar C2 can assist you with CapEx and project fundings using various financial modeling

Project Management

From engineering, procurement, installation, and construction, to PO and final handover, project milestones are aligned with client requirements (complying with local and international regulatory standards).


VOn a separate Maintenance Contract, avail cleaning, maintenance, testings, and inspections with inclusive remote monitoring. This ensures expected productivity over its designed life cycle.

Financing Options to your Solar Solution needs.

Two main models are available to get started – PPA requires no upfront cost for the client,
as Solar C2 and our investor funds the investment so you can focus on your business.


Buy and own the system to enjoy the energy return right from day one. Solar C2 will cover the installation, Roof Warranty, maintenance, and energy monitoring via an EPC contract with the owner.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Pay for the energy produced each month at an industrial-low rate. Solar C2 will cover the installation, Roof Warranty, maintenance, and energy monitoring via an EPC Contract with the PPA.