As a Solar Company.

Solar C2 is a leading ECPM Systems Solution Provider that is determined to change and consider the environmental conditions we live within. By becoming more environmental-friendly, with a reduced-to-zero-carbon footprint goal, the world will become more sustainable for all.

The solar company’s team is composed of Renewable Energy Professionals that are committed to becoming a top provider of On-and-Off Grid Solar Solutions within the Southeast Asian Region for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Rooftop solutions.

Everybody should be able to benefit from clean energy – Our engineers will design the most quality, safest, and optimised system using our Tier 1 Supply Profile to ensure maximised efficiency and return on investment.

We provide high-quality, internationally recognised Solar Solutions. Most of all, we take care of the complete process from survey to maintenance and cover all legislation and connection processes for our clients’ ease of mind.

Financing Options Available with a Solar Company.

Two main models are available to get started our Solar Company – PPA requires no upfront cost for the client,
as Solar C2 and our investor funds the investment so you can focus on your business.


Buy and own the system and enjoy the energy return from day one. Solar C2 will cover the Installation, Roof Warranty, Maintenance, and Energy Monitoring via an EPC contract with the owner

PPA – Power Purchase Agreement

Pay for the energy produced each month at an industrial low rate. Solar C2 will cover the Installation, Roof Warranty, Maintenance and Energy Monitoring via an EPC Contract with the PPA

PPA Agreements

  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA), or “Solar Leasing” commonly known in Singapore and Southeast Asia, is popular alternative financing that has significantly driven solar energy adaptation in the region over the past decade.
  • Purchasing and installing solar panels, especially for large buildings, can incur significant upfront costs for building owners. With Solar PPA, building owners can now make the switch to solar power with almost zero initial investment.

Solar PPAs (Solar Leasing)

This image shows the solar leasing process

What is a Solar PPA and Solar Leasing?

Solar PPA is a type of solar financing arrangement that allows a property owner to not have to pay for the upfront costs of a solar PV system. By leasing out their rooftop space for a solar energy developer to install and operate a solar system, property owners in return are entitled to purchase the solar system’s electricity output at a discount.

What are the Benefits of a Solar PPA?.