Frequently Asked Questions.

We are a team of Renewable Energy Professionals who are committed to being the No.1 provider of on-and-off grid Solar Solutions within the Southeast Asian Region for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential customers.

Solar panels convert sunlight, as a form of renewable energy, into electricity that you can use directly for any appliances in your home. If your solar power system generates more energy than you consume, you will be compensated for any excess energy that is exported to the utility grid.

By generating your own solar power, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill. The actual savings depend on your electricity consumption and the size of the solar power system. Get in touch with us to find out exactly how much you could be saving.

Solar panels are a mature technology that are guaranteed by the manufacturer to operate at least 25 years. 

The solar power system includes real-time performance monitoring software with easy access from your computer or mobile device, so you can always keep track of the energy generation from such a form of renewable energy.

The maintenance of solar power systems is carried out bi-annually and mostly consists of keeping the solar panels cleaning as well as checking all the electrical connections. Our maintenance package is optional and its cost is determined based on the size of the solar system. The detailed cost estimation will be provided in your free quotation

Yes. In consideration of the container space, shipping cost and delivery, we will disassemble the whole solar light tower into several part as the main body (trailer with solar panels), mast and LED lights. When the goods arrive, customer may assemble the whole unit at site with the user manual provided.

Yes. For this mobile solar light tower, we offer 3 options for mast lifting method:

  1. Manual.
  2. Hydraulic
  3. Electronics

Customer may choose accordingly.

For the whole fixture of mobile solar light tower, we offer 2 years warranty, the failure parts will be returned to the factory for maintenance.

CE for whole unit as Solar LED light tower

CE and UL for parts as LED lamps, batteries and solar panels.