Solar Panel Installation and beyond.

Solar Array System.

This image shows solar panels


Most likely, you might think about Photovoltaic Cell when you refer to solar panels or solar power. This is the most common method of turning the available sunlight into electricity. Although the technology was far invented in 1839, it was not used commercially until the 1940s. 

Nowadays, solar panels have become an indispensable part of the energy sector and are used widely, from family homes to utility-owned large installations. Residential solar energy is currently the fastest-growing solar energy segment, and the installation and ownership costs of solar panels have gone down drastically as an increasing number of people are beginning to realise its benefits. Home Energy Services focuses on saving money for homes and businesses through residential and commercial buildings’ solar panel installation. Since the fuel is clean and free, it has the potential to save a lot of money for you on your utility bills and provide a clean investment return on your capital cost.

Types of solar array solutions we offer

Rooftop Systems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Premises

Deployable Solutions for Land-Based System

Floating Solutions

Solar Water Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions

Why choose Solar C2 for your Home or Business?

  • We offer lifetime monitoring for your company or home with a 5- year installation and workmanship warranty.
  • We’ll handle it all: Electric bill analysis, solar system design, installation, and monitoring
  • Our team is composed of highly-trained commercial solar panel experts who are beyond helpful and professional.
  • We only use the highest quality installation materials and Tier 1 solar panels and inverters, ensuring you only get the safest and most efficient quality system.

Solar Lighting System.

C2 aims to provide highly efficient solar energy-powered LED mast lighting combined with a vehicle-mounted trailer. Unlike the traditional light tower, C2 uses clean energy for better control of total costs and to help reduce any negative impact to the environment (carbon emissions, noise & light pollution). 

  • Solar Energy powered
  • High efficient LED lighting for long hours of illumination
  • Easy to deploy and set up
  • No grid power required
  • CCTV surveillance compatible
  • Low operation cost
  • Wide application for lighting demand
This image shows a Solar Light Tower

Solar Light Tower

This picture shows a mobile solar trailer

Mobile Solar Trailer

This image shows a CCTV Solar trailer

CCTV Solar Trailer

This image shows an Off Grid Solar Power Station

Off Grid Solar Power Station

This image shows a Light Tower Accessory

Light Tower Accessories

Product Application.

Solar C2 develops and implements specific and innovative smart SOLAR-powered trailer tower solutions for different industry applications.

Light Tower With Mechanical Tilt And 360 Rotation

Mobile Solar Light Tower, Equipped with Motorized Rotate and Tilt Mechanism, C2 360 degree rotated and mechanical tilted mobile light tower, lighting tower, mobile solar lighting towers, light tower uses gear type rotation. The advantage of the C2 gear type rotation: 1. The whole system is controlled by auto electric, rotate and tilt angle can be adjusted by button very conveniently, no need operation by hand. 2. More accurate angle adjustment, it supports 360° vertical and 360° horizontal adjustment 3. Smaller size and lighter weight for better transport. 4. Heavy-duty durable design, no worries of harsh environments.


Safe Solar Cleaning.

Above and beyond solar panel installation, we also provide Maintenance and Robotic Cleaning as part of our design cycle.
Our skilled and highly trained cleaning technicians control our autonomous, battery-powered, intelligent robots for safe and efficient cleaning. All areas can be reached— from tops of high-rise buildings to floating solar panels in the sea.

What is the environmental impact and benefit of Solar?

Installing a solar system makes a big difference. An average residential solar power system will offset 178 tons of CO² over 30 years. That is equal to avoiding 628000 km driven, planting 10 football fields full of trees or eliminating 79336 kg of burned coal!

A quality solar panel typically lasts for 25-30 years. During that time, most systems require little to no maintenance beyond removing leaves and hosing off debris.

Annually, solar panels lose close to half a percent in overall performance. After 25 years of operation, high-quality solar panels will still be operating at almost 90 percent efficiency. The modules we install on homes and businesses are efficient, lightweight and of good quality.

Solar cell technology is in constant development. A rule of thumb is that technology becomes one percent better per year. One of the major benefits of solar panels is that it is stable and durable technology. The power guarantee from the factory is 25 years or more. A plant may continue to produce power even after 30 years. When it’s time to replace the electrical components of your plant, you can look forward to a significantly increased power generation.

Solar power will reduce your electricity costs. Sometimes with a little, other times with a lot (sometimes you will actually get paid for the power you produce). Reduced electricity costs depend on how much the sun shines, but the future looks bright for those who install solar cells. Already the first year, when the solar cells produce electricity you will start to save money.

The solar system will produce power for decades. Meanwhile, the price of electricity is rising both because of inflation and due to increased taxes and investments in the grid. This means that the solar power will be a better and better alternative compared to the power you buy from the grid. Solar systems are good for the environment and good for your wallet. It’s that simple. CS Solar makes you avoid the big investment ahead, and let you earn money steadily for years.

Surplus energy you produce will be fed back to the grid. As a part of the solar installation you get a new power meter installed. This power meter will record electricity your solar system feed back to the grid. If you have produced more power than you have used, you will be paid for this by the utility company at a fixed rate.

Passion and Quality Guaranteed.

The Solar C2 Team takes care of every aspect of the solar project including design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and energy monitoring.

Our committed staff will provide the most efficient, quality system with tier-one products and services guaranteed and installed to the highest International and National Standards. Most importantly, we ensure that all grid connections, paperwork, and applications are seamless.

Certified Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW) can ensure that all work scopes are installed to local, regional, and international certification and regulatory practices.

This image shows solar panels

Corporate Social Responsibility.

While we continue to drive business growth, it is equally important to help the less developed communities in the region to ensure that they are not left behind. Solar C2 is committed to positively impacting these communities to provide free and clean energy to the less fortunate.

Solar C2 will actively take part in providing free services to non-profit organisations that need solar consultation and expertise; in addition, to use part of the company revenue to install free solar power for communities in need.

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